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Nvidia Adds Stereo 3D Vision to Notebooks

Nvidia Adds Stereo 3D Vision to Notebooks

Asustek Computer to Add Stereo 3D to Mobile PCs

by Anton Shilov
11/18/2009 | 05:34 PM

Nvidia Corp. on Wednesday announced that shortly notebook manufacturers will be able to install 120Hz panels onto their machines to enable stereoscopic 3D vision technology, providing never before seen gaming experience on laptops. Asustek Computer, Clevo and MicroStar International will be the first companies to offer a stereo 3D vision mobile PC.

Nvidia 3D Vision requires 120Hz display along with shutter glasses that open and close special shutters sixty times a second to create three dimensional effect. Nvidia has worked closely with display manufacturers, including CPT, LG, CMO, and Samsung, to bring state-of-the-art 120Hz 3D Vision-capable panels to notebook platforms.

It is questionable whether notebooks actually need stereoscopic 3D capability: notebooks do not feature truly large screens and displays with extreme refresh rates consume rather high amount of energy. Furthermore, notebooks are not usually used by hardcore gamers of movie fans, both would prefer to have a high-end desktop system, whereas road warriors would hardly value stereo 3d movies or video games.

Nevertheless, there are many notebook vendors working on stereoscopic 3D-enabled mobile computers. Nvidia 3D Vision notebooks will include the 120Hz 3D Vision-capable panel and bundle 3D Vision active-shutter glasses.

"We are extremely excited about bringing the first Nvidia 3D Vision notebook to market. Nvidia and Asus have a passion for gaming and cutting-edge technology, and this is another example of how great companies working together can deliver awesome new platforms to our combined customers," said PC Wang, corporate vice president and general manager of notebook business unit at system business group at Asus.

Asustek Computer plans to release its G51J 3D laptop already in early December with Clevo and MicroStar International to follow in 2010.

"We look forward to bringing NVIDIA 3D Vision-capable notebooks to the market. The era of 3D is upon us, and immersive 3D gaming and movie watching is indeed an exciting proposition," said Stephen Chien, worldwide sales and marketing vice president at Clevo.

"Nvidia 3D Vision is the best 3D technology available today. We are excited about developing new MSI notebooks that offer this awesome technology and bring 3D gaming and movies to the masses," said Vincent Sung, vice president of notebook engineering team at MSI.

Acer Group is also preparing a stereo 3D laptop, but it is rumoured not to be compatible with Nvidia's 3D Vision tech. Besides, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Sony are also interested in stereo 3D-capable mobile computers.


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