Monday, August 3, 2009

Vangaurd - OOH 3D Trials Article

VANGUARD - Nigeria

3D Impact unveils OOH media solutions
" ...proven to increase sales by over 80 percent"

Business - Aug 2, 2009

The Nigerian advertising and marketing industry is set to witnessing
a new advertising solution device, code named 3D advertising
solutions, an Out Of Home (OOH) platform, introduced by 3D Impact
Media West Africa.

3D Impact Media west Africa is a partner of the 3D global network. The
3D advertising solution is an OOH media that bring products and
services to life with capacity to attract consumers at least four
times higher than the current 2D advertising solutions currently used
by advertisers. Information had it, that it is proven to increase
sales by over 80 percent and preferred by about 90 percents of
audience compared to other formats.

Dr. Mike Kronenberg, Marketing Director and Media, Global Chief
Executive Officer, of 3D global network at the unveiling ceremony that
all around the globe, with particular reference to Brazil, South
Africa and Australia, said that 3D is the latest solution in the
world of new media, whilst advising that practitioners needs to take
advantage of it.

His words, "our mission is to introduce this new cutting edge
innovation to sub-Saharan Africa starting with Nigeria, to aid brands
and organizations get the desired attention of their target consumers
in a very speedy and engaging manner."

"Hitherto, people could see the illusion of 3D on screens only when
they wore special glasses designed for that purpose. With our software
and screens 3D images can now be seen with the naked eyes" Kronenberg

In addition, he said that the organization will deploy the solutions
primarily for media advertising, in-house networks, fairs and

While he noted that it will subsequently be deployed for
architectural, military and other technological uses.

Continuing, he said, "for Advertising, we will set up indoors, in Key
public places including malls, airports and others with special 3D
screens and feed_in advertising materials that will show in 3D format
– with their key messages right in front of their audience"

Speaking, Solomon Itegboje, President, 3D Impact Media West Africa
said that the medium is a shift from other advertising formats.

"Its versatility ensures that brand messaging can be everywhere and
targeted – impact is wherever and whenever customers go."


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